Diving In

Nicky (Surrey) :  

‘Diving In’ is now in place..Thank you very much - I am delighted with the end result.’




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Dr. Boyd (Hampshire) :

‘We are enjoying your sculpture very much indeed. Thank you. Our next door neighbour (who we rarely see) came round after we installed the sculpture to tell us that she loved it and how pleased she was that she can see it from her garden.

(a further email sent a few months later) We are still enjoying your sculpture - it looks lovely in the frost.





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Girl with a Book and Joseph

Mark (London)

One thing which came over very powerfully on my first visit to your studio was that these are all real people, not artistic constructs. I never realised that simply owning statuary required such an emotional involvement. But it does.I absolutely love the sculptures. Thank you so much. Both are constantly startling me as I think there is someone unexpectedly there.




Girl with a Book


Kathy: (Wiltshire)


I have been meaning to write to you for a very long time to say how much we love Natasha … (Girl with book).  She is SO beautiful and everyone makes lovely comments when they see her.  You really are so incredibly talented.



girl with a book 2-300



Girl with a Book

Sharon (Essex)

I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love ‘Tash’ (Girl with Book). I can’t stop looking at her and touching her and smiling with joy; am really thrilled.






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   Ian-Ricketts-photo-customer 1            Ian-Ricketts-customer


Ian Rickett’s comments on his sculpture:

"Celia and I have appreciated immensely your sensitivity and commitment in the matter of the sculpture. A strange and in some ways unsettling experience (as you predicted) holding what is real and acknowledging mortality in the same moment. Thank you again for such generosity and skill."


Brenda Blethyn commissioned the ‘Ian Ricketts Sculpture’
"Christine Charlesworth is an award winning sculptor of extraordinary talent. After seeing her wonderful sculpture of Paralympian Ade Adepitan MBE, she was commissioned to make a bronze sculpture of my friend and GSA Drama Teacher of long standing, Ian Ricketts. She captured his likeness brilliantly but more importantly she captured his spirit and personality. It stands with pride at The University of Surrey. Christine is extremely versatile, personable and prompt. I'd enthusiastically recommend her to anyone."









Quote in Woking newspaper in readers section: ‘Having read about the new bronze statue erected in Jubilee Square I imagined yet another monstrosity for Woking.

I took a chance and viewed the new bronze statue and, shock horror, it is actually sensible and, dare I say it, artistic. I never thought I would be saying that so, well done to all concerned, I’m sure many of your readers will be equally shocked at such a good design and pleasurable looking statue'. Written by Michael Lawrence to Woking newspaper.











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