‘Seeds of Hope Children’ at Guildford Cathedral

Two life-size figures. Seeds of Hope Garden at Guildford Cathedral.

“I am the founder of the national charity, the Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden, set up to raise funds to establish a children’s garden here in Guildford on Stag Hill and to commission a bronze sculpture as its centre-piece.  The purpose of the garden is to help children cope with loss and change of all kinds through activities all based in nature.

Christine Charlesworth was one of several sculptors with whom we had detailed discussions before inviting them to tender a design.  Her acute understanding of the unique purpose of the garden and our aims won her the commission.  Her design of two life-sized children, an older girl blowing dandelion seeds for a younger boy to catch, perfectly captures the essence of the Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden project.  Since the Garden opened in 2008, the sculpture has been admired on a daily basis by adults for its artistic quality, its movement and its ability to fire the imagination – and by children who believe they have found new playmates!

The trustees found Christine to be wholly professional in her undertaking of the project.  Throughout the creative process, she was always approachable and open to feedback.  She organized and oversaw the construction process with great efficiency.  She delivered on budget and on time.

I cannot recommend Christine highly enough both for her artistic talent and her ability to understand and respond to the requirements of a brief.  I have no doubt that she would be more than capable of undertaking a project of this nature, or much larger, in the future.”

Caroline Jay

Founder & Chair of Trustees, Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden

**The Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden won
The Guildford Design Award for Environmental Enhancement in 2009.

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