Lord Noon of St John’s Wood

Lord Noon was a remarkable man and I was very honoured to be commissioned to do his portrait in commemoration of his work.  He had died the previous year but I was able to read his autobiography, get to know him via ‘U’ tube and the huge number of photographs given to me by his family and his company, Noon products and Kerry Foods.  A total of 4 casts were made in bronze. The first unveiling took place at NOON HQ and was met with great enthusiasm and tears of recognition. Further unveilings took place at The Noon Hospital in Rajasthan,  Bombay Halwa Headquarters and at the University of East London.

‘Thank you, Christine, for the hours you put in to produce such a wonderful likeness.  Everyone loves the portrait. It was great to have you with us to share the moment of unveiling. We will certainly be recommending you for future projects. Thanks once again for all your hard work’  

Wendy Jackson, Noon Products, Kerry Foods, Windmill Lane, Southall UB2 4NA

So lovely to see you yesterday at the unveiling.  It was a most enjoyable, proud and emotional afternoon.  I am sure Dad was looking down and smiling at all of us.  You did an outstanding job of the Bust and we will treasure this always.  You brought him back to life with your creativity and your passion and the work speaks for itself. THANK YOU!  We have now officially unveiled the bust here at Bombay Halwa too and hope to be doing the same at his hospital in August and at the UEL sometime in September. Take care and if we can do anything for you don’t hesitate to ask.

Zeenat Noon Harnal, Bombay Halwa Ltd

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